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General Barbel Tips

Hint's and tips...
To hopefully help anybody who reads them to put a few more barbel on the bank!
First of all study to be quiet on the bank because if you spook them they will exit your chosen swim.
When you can always walk your chosen stretch, quietly no sudden movements always wear a good pair of polarized sun glasses to cut through the surface glare in summer this makes the location of fish so much easier...
Always try and find any features out of the ordinary e.g.; where the river bed may have a small depression or the bedrock may cause little runs either side is a good area to try , any snags e.g. overhanging branches or trees will hold fish just waiting to be caught ..
Watch the flow it will give a good indication of under water snags and unusual features were barbel will hold up in the current.
Summer fishing is made a lot easier by the weed bed that all over most rivers you will almost always find barbel tucked up under weed beds in summer..
Never go barbel fishing under gunned a good rod /reel minimum of 8 lb line a good strong hook and a free running lead should be enough to put any fish on the bank.
A small holed mesh net of around 36 inches and 6ft pole will be ok.
Bait is all a question of what you want to use weather its meat or boilies maggots casters worms pellets or particle baits like corn hemp and so take your pick
Bait 2or3 different swims if you can and move between them during your stay you can catch more fish this way
When you have caught your fish leave it to rest in your net while you sort out your unhooking mat scales camera
Try and keep the fish out of the water as little as possible
Remember read the barbel society handling code

Gavin Johnson


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