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Cleaver pool stocking.

On March 8th 2017. We stocked 200 crucians in to cleavers pool.


Work Party Hooks Green.

We are holding a work party on the pools, on August 6th from 5pm.

The pool will be closed from 4pm. 


New stretch of the Dove.


We have secured another stretch of the Dove at Monks Field Rocester. Fly fishing only during the trout season. Please see the waters list for more information and pictures.

For directions please email: biwas@fsmail.net with your membership details.


Hooks Green stocking

On December 18th 2014. We stocked hooks green with 200 perch to 2lb and 10 pike 4-8lb.


Cleaver pool work party

There will be a work party on  Cleaver pool on Sunday 7th September. ALL members are welcome to attend. The main objective of this WP is to tidy up the banks and pegs. And open up some of the swims by removing some of the weed beds.
Please let me know if you are able to attend. Please bring any tools you think may be of use. Eg spades. Garden rakes. Weed racks with strong ropes. Wheel barrows. Gloves. Saws. Loppers.

Please support your club. As we are all volunteers and we can only get this type of work done with your support.
Remember only those members who have helped on a WP are allowed to fish the great little water.

We are looking at a 9 am start. 



Cleaver pool stocking.

Today 10th April 2014. Cleaver pool's been stocked with approximately 400 tench.


New water

The club have taken on a new pool near too Stafford.

The pool requires some work to bring up to standard so for the time being are only available to members who've completed a work party.



River Trent Stocking

During December 2013, the EA stocked another 5,500 fish into the Trent. They stocked 1500 chub, 1000 barbel , 2000 roach and 1000 dace. All the fish were 1+ years.

Since 2012 the EA have stocked around 19,500 fish, into our stretch of the Trent and the millstream. 3,500 barbel, 2,500 chub, 4,000 dace, 5,500 roach and 4,000 grayling .


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